Friday, July 12, 2013

New Store, Super Kids, and Freebie!

Well it's been awhile. Just a little over a year in fact. I didn't explain why I stopped designing I just fell off the map. The truth is I was so burnt out. With other things going on in my life I just wasn't having fun designing anymore. In the last year I've gotten so much personal scrap booking done for my family! It's been so great. I also got pregnant 8 1/2 months ago, which means baby any day! Hopefully soon! I have missed designing though and I've had some requests for old products, so I decided to create my own store. It was a big challenge for me, doing it all myself, but I figured it out, and it's ready! I'm excited to have my own store, release products when I can but not have the stress that I have to release a certain number each month. With a new baby, you never know, but I will have my other 3 kids in school all day in the fall, so naptime/design-time here we come!

I created my own store: Holley Berry Designs. I've put a few products in my store, including some that I've had requests for. If you have had your eye on something, let me know and I will make that a priority to get it into the store. I do have one new release and an awesome freebie if you like me on facebook.

Here's my new release: Super Kids Elements. My boys LOVE super heroes. They love to play with them, build legoes with them, dress up as them, read about them, watch them, you name it! These elements are great for scrapping super hero birthdays, Halloween costumes, dress up time, or just when your kids are especially super! This element set includes 7 hand drawn pastel super hero elements: Iron Kid, Super Kid, Captain America Kid, Bat Kid, Hulk Kid, Thor Kid, and Spider Kid. These elements are S4H/S4O friendly. They are high quality, original graphics created at 300 ppi. These elements are of course based off of Iron Man, Superman, Captain America, Batman, Hulk, Thor, and Spiderman. Get the elements this week at 25% off!
Super Kids Elements 

 I also have this awesome freebie, Red, White, and Boom! Elements, that you can get by liking me on facebook! Just click on the Exclusive Freebie button near the top of my page. Get it before it goes into my store!

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Dawn said...

Great to see you back - thank you for the lovely kit and sending all good wishes for your new store!