Friday, October 31, 2008

My Eternal Family Songbook Example

Well I had a question about what the LDS Primary Songbook for 2009 should look like when completed. I don't want to mess with copyright issues, so for each song I've been posting the link to copy and paste the lyrics. I also put the link in the download. For each song I'm making a title page, and then one page per verse and per chorus. The files are 4"x6" so you just add the lyrics right on top of the page, print out the pages like a regular photograph and then compile them into a bragbook. They sell little plastic ones at Target for $2. Or you could spend a little more to get one with a nicer cover. Hopefully that answers your questions, let me know if you have any others!
Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 27, 2008

"Families Forever" My Eternal Family 3

This kit includes 3 temples based off of the Salt Lake Temple, San Diego Temple, and Newport Beach Temple. I may create more temples eventually, they are kind of fun! It also includes two temple charms, a charm link, the family on the earth, 4 frames, and 8 papers.
"Families Forever" My EF 3
These quickpages are for the song, "Families Can Be Together Forever." I know I've been doing the songs out of order, but the first song the Primary is supposed to learn next year 2009 (or one of two options) just came out in the Friend this month (October), so now I'll probably follow the order that they are learning them in.
The lyrics for the song can be found here:
I included the link and other info in the download. If you like what I do, comments are always appreciated! Thanks!
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

LDS Blog Button Freebie

I've been having fun figuring out how to make an animated button. I've been wanting one for my family blog, and I made this temple today, and so I made a button too! It's the San Diego Temple (where my husband and I were married). I'm making a couple other temples for the next Primary songbook kit. The button is 220 pixels wide and fits perfectly on the side of my blog, so hopefully it works for others too. And by the way, it does have a white border around it, although you can't see it on this blog.


Here is the html code. It has the link to already in the code. So just copy and paste!

Friday, October 10, 2008

"I Want Candy" Halloween Kit

I'm taking a little break from "My Eternal Family" songbook, but don't worry I'll get the next pages out soon. I am so excited about this Halloween kit and I've been trying to get it done asap so if you want to use the desktop freebie this month you (and I) can use it for as much of the month that is left! My daughter ends up wearing pink almost every year for Halloween and how often do you see pink with Halloween colors? So here is my solution!
I am showing the previews of the elements and papers separately so you can see both to their full advantage, but the kit comes all together. The word art says, "I Want Candy" and "So Sweet, you make my mouth water."

"I Want Candy" Halloween Kit
The desktop comes in two different sizes: 1680x1050 and 1024x768. That way if you have something in between, you can just size the biggest one down a little. They are png format. Enjoy!

Download HERE

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Baptism" My Eternal Family 2

My Eternal Family Megakit is made specifically for a song lyric book for the songs the Primary children will be learning in 2009.
Here is the baptism kit. It has 4 papers that are 12x12 and 300 ppi. There are 13 elements: baptism dress, baptism jumpsuit, dove button, fancy number 8, plain number 8, flower, charm bracelet, dress charm, jumpsuit charm, dove charm, number 8 charm, flower charm, and charm link.
"Baptism" My EF2
These 4x6 quickpages are for the song: "I Want to Be Baptized" (Friend, July 2005) or "Baptism" (CS, p. 100–101). The music leaders get a choice, so you'll have to ask them what they plan on teaching. (Preferrably after your Primary program is already over for this year.)

On the title page I put the title, page number or where the song can be found, and the month the Primary kids are learning the song (May).There is one page for each verse. I made these pages specifically for the song "I Want to be Baptized" but they could also be used for "Baptism." For "Baptism" song you could use page number 3 (with the dove) for verse 1; page number 2 (with the eight) for verse 2; and either the title page or page 1 for verse 3.
I included the links in the download and a few other details.

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Monday, October 6, 2008

My EF1 Quickpages

Well I've been trying to figure out how to release these kits for "My Eternal Family" Megakit--if I should release elements separate from papers, if I should wait until the end to post the 4x6 quickpages, etc, etc. So here is what I'm going to do! I'm going to release the Megakit in 8 parts (since there are 8 songs). I will combine the papers and elements for one song into one part. I changed a few elements that I wasn't very happy with and combined the last two kits I posted. I've decided to also release the quickpages for a particular song at the same time as the kit, and the quickpages will be a freebie. The quickpages will remain freebies until I finish the whole megakit, and then I will bundle them together to be sold. Stay tuned this week because I'll be posting the kit and quickpages for the baptism song. It's a fun one!

Here are the 4x6 quickpages for hymn #85: "How Firm a Foundation". It is the song the Primary children will be learning in February, 2009. The lyrics can be found here:
They are only required to learn versus 1 and 3. I included the lyric info in the download as a text document, as well as font size, style, etc. that I used.

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View My Eternal Family Songbook here