Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The winners are...

Yep, I spelled "Christmas" wrong. Good job Allison Hicken, you were the first person to leave a comment pointing out the mistake. You should have gotten an email with your coupon code to pick up your freebie!
And now the number of other people that caught the mistake was zero! Either they were just as oblivious to it as I was or they were being really nice! Chicapooh was the first person to guess zero, but I need your email address. Please email me at so I can send you your coupon code!
Thanks for all the nice comments!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What's Cookin?

My grandma had the idea to make a family cookbook for Christmas and asked me to make a cover for the book. Here's what I came up with. My aunt printed out two to see if she should do glossy or lustre and decided on lustre. Then she got the 15 or so covers printed. AFTER all that she showed them to my grandma and my grandma immediately saw the mistake I had made. I was soooo embarrassed. But it was too late to fix it!
So I've decided to give this kit "What's Cookin?" away as a freebie to 2 people: The first person to point out my mistake on the cover above. And the first person to guess how many other people caught/said anything about the mistake. Just leave a comment with your guess!
You can find this kit at Scrappin Digi Kreations or you can buy it here.
"What's Cookin?" Kit 

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Countdown Template

Here is my contribution to the Christmas Countdown Freebies at Creative Scraps Store. It will be availiable only tomorrow, December 23, 2008.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Our Savior" My EF7

Here is the seventh and final part of mega kit, "My Eternal Family." I made these kits for the songs the LDS Primary children will be learning in 2009. But they can be used for various other personal use things.
"Our Savior" My EF7 ~ 
For the months of April and July the song choice is very broad. The topic is our Savior. I created these pages specifically for the songs "When He Comes Again" and "I Feel My Savior's Love." But they should be broad enough to apply to just about any song about the Savior. They are also interchangeable (the background colors are all the same.) Also, I didn't make Title pages for these songs since they were so long. I just put the title on the same page as the first verse. But if the songs your primary is singing are shorter, by all means use one of the pages for a title page.

Lyrics to all Primary songs can be found here:

There is also an extra page that matches the cover and back cover that could be used for a Contents or Index page.

Download link expired

Friday, December 12, 2008

Freebies Every Day

Don't forget to check the Daily Christmas Countdown Freebie every day until Christmas at Creative Scraps Store!
I'm off to finish the last part of My Eternal Family!!! I'm hoping to get it done and posted by mid-end next week!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Seek the Lord" My EF6

This is part 6 of "My Eternal Family" mega kit. These kits are created specifically for the songs the LDS Primary kids will be learning in 2009, but could be used for various other things.
"Seek the Lord Early" My EF6 
These 4x6 quickpages are for the song, "Seek the Lord Early" (Children's Songbook, p. 108). Lyrics can be found here:
There are also 2 quickpages that you could use for a cover and a back cover. On my cover I put "My Eternal Family" big and then smaller: "Primary Songbook 2009". Then on the backcover I put "Made by Holley Williamson"

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December Collaboration

So here's the December Collaboration Kit that you get FREE with any purchase at Creative Scraps Store. Amazing, huh?

Here's my part of the collab. You can also buy just my part directly from my blog.
"Hats 'n' Mittens" Minikit ~ 
And here's a freebie desktop quickpage. It is two different sizes: 1024x768 and 1680x1050. It will last you through the whole winter time!
Download HERE

Also there is a sale going on all week

Monday, December 1, 2008

"My Eternal Family" My EF5

Here's part 5 of My Eternal Family Megakit. Just so you know, I'm trying to get this megakit done by Christmas. There are 2 or 3 more parts left. I might do two months together since they are the same theme (pick a song about the Saviour-very broad huh?). I do have a question for you all out there. Are there any Primary choristers that have picked songs for April and July for 2009? Or have you guys asked your choristers? I'd like to make the pages as versatile as possible. The chorister in my ward should be getting back to me this week about her choices. Just leave a comment if you know, thanks!
"My Eternal Family" My EF5 ~

These 4x6 pages are for the song, "My Eternal Family" which can be found in the Sharing Time Outline for 2009:

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Also, Creative Scraps Store is having an advent calendar of sorts. Download one freebie a day until Christmas! (I'll let you know when my freebie is up :)