Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Overwhelmed much?

Do you ever get overwhelmed scrapping big events like Halloween, Christmas, or weddings? I love having these pictures in our scrapbooks, but there are always so many photos to scrap that I put it off in favor of other shorter events with less photos so I have that sense of completion. Well you gotta get around to them sometime right?

Another problem I have is, since I print out my pages, I want to make sure I don't have toooooo many to print out. Printing more pages costs money and sheet protectors and books and space and etc.... I like using traditional scrapbook albums because I like having separate books for all the holidays and then I'm able to add to them each year. I love having them out as a "decoration" for that holiday.

Soooo, what I've found is to keep the overwhelming feelings at bay, I try to create the files for each page first, and drop in all my photos for that event. Once I've organized them and placed them in a layout (no resizing, no cropping, just placing),
I put the photo files in a new folder labeled "scrapped" within its own folder for that whole event. That way I know how many photos I have left.
I give myself flexibility to create more or less layouts but at least this gives me a plan. Then I have 4 to 10 layout files all ready for me to scrap at my leisure!

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