Saturday, November 1, 2008

Remember to Vote!

Here are some buttons I made, great for the side of your blog! Obviously, not everyone agrees with this, but that is why it is so great to live in the United States where we can freely express ourselves.

If you want to add this to your blog here's the html:

Here's another one, but it doesn't have the "I voted" button in case you haven't voted yet:


Kim Sandling said...

Thank you for the buttons. I'm in Arizona and we are working on 102 trying to keep marriage between a man and woman also. Heavenly Father makes it so clear in the Proclamation to the Family, and it's common sense to me. Thank you for posting what you believe!

twodaddies said...

Heavenly Father also said love thy neighbor, and didn't want his children to vote to hate.

AJ said...

Thanks for the buttons! I live in Cali but vote in FL where there's a similar amendment up for vote! Love your kits and your courage to stand up for your beliefs. IAMLDS2! LOL!