Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years Resolution

What are your scrapping goals this year? How did you do last year? Did you accomplish your goals (do you even expect to accomplish them or do they just drive you in the right direction)?

I was looking at how I did in 2010. I did the most scrapping in January then stayed pretty constant until I reached November and December. Granted I moved and it was Christmas time and I was potty training and..... yada yada yada. So the numbers are in! My goal was to scrap 82 events. Not 82 pages, but 82 events. An event could be anywhere from 1-10 pages but average 2-4. I scrapped 45 events and 142 pages. I am pretty happy with that. I would have liked to get a little more done but I did get pretty side tracked (I did move twice in the year 2010). I keep track of my progress in a spreadsheet.
It gives me that same feeling when I check things off my to do list. It keeps me motivated (since it is overwhelming to think of how much scrapping I have left to do.) It's nice to look back and see how much I'm actually getting done.

So what about this year, 2011? I think I will have a goal of 60 events plus any major events from this year (pretty much anything I blog about on our family blog). I might try and focus on working my way from the present to the past since I tried the other way last year. But I will give myself some flexibility, if I want to scrap something randomly, I'll scrap it!

Here's my first completed two page layout of 2011 (I actually did the left last year and the right this year) I am almost done with my sister's wedding, yea!!!


Have you made any scrapping goals this year?

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Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Holley,

I came over to visit your blog and get to know you a little better now that "we be Sistah's" and designers at SBE. I'm adding everyone's links to my blog too.

Your kits so pretty - love your layouts at the bottom, so beautiful!

~ Barb