Monday, September 22, 2008

"My Eternal Family" Songbook Megakit

I am so excited about my next project. I am making a mega-kit called "My Eternal Family." That is the theme for Primary next year, 2009. I love lyric song books. So I got this idea to make a song book for the songs the kids will be learning next year in Primary. If you want to look at the Outline for next year check it out here:
Song books are so convenient to use during family home evening or even just before bedtime. I always forget which songs they are working on, and my kids love having pictures to look at anyway.
So I'll release parts of the kit according to song. This first part is for the song, "How Firm a Foundation" and then some items to be used throughout the whole book. When I'm done with all the parts of the mega-kit I will post the whole song book as 4x6 quickpages. I won't put the lyrics in so I don't have to mess with copyright issues. Also, next year there is a new format with being able to choose between two songs some months and for other months picking any song you want within a particular theme. The quickpages will be totally customizable. So the elements should be general enough to be able to use with several different songs. You can just ask your Primary Music Leader which songs they plan on learning next year and put those in.

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